Chain Drop Catcher
Chain Drop Catcher
Chain Drop Catcher
Chain Drop Catcher
Chain Drop Catcher

Chain Drop Catcher

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Prevent your bike chain from dropping off the upper side.

The Chain Drop Catcher Stops chain drop, Reduced chain wear, and noise, Decreasing chain jump. This Chain Guide works silently, so no more chain noise while your peddling.

It'll be nice a quiet on your ride, so you can enjoy the sounds of nature and the shredding of dirt while keeping that chain on its chainring where it belongs.


  • COMPATIBILITY: Clamp Size: 34.9mm with an adapter to 31.8mm. Used to stop chain drop. Decreasing chain jump. Compatible with 9, 10, 11,12-speed single chainring crankset.
  • STRONG: The body is made of AL6061-T6 hardened aluminum with a quality plastic guard.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply clamp on the seat tube, and stops the chain from dropping. Please watch the video in the listing for more details.
  • LIGHT: The package weight is only 44g = 0.09lbs. So it is not adding a lot of weight to your bike.

With a New Improved Model that Allows you to Install Chain Guide without Removing Chain, Can be installed on any chain with or without Quick Chain Link Silent, Smooth Operation, Easy Install, Get Rid of Chain Slap - Fits Most Bikes Normal and Fat Bikes.

The Chain Drop Catcher is made of high-quality materials which are durable and not easy to deform and The mount bike chain guide is used to prevent chains from dropping, which makes riding easier and safer.

The seat tube clamp chain guide is lightweight and easy to assemble. Simply lock it on the tube of the frame.

Never drop a chain ever again and double your narrow-wide chainring life.



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